The Elara Pool Product Range

  • synergistically complement each other;
  • give to the consumer the best value for money as to effectiveness;
  • have the least negative impact on the environment;
  • complement the existing affordable means of water disinfection (chlorination);
  • is utterly safe to use, especially to the prime users of swimming pools, our children.
Child with toy ring in swimming pool
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  • A complex chemistry super flocculant.
  • Cleans a very dirty or green pool within a day!
  • Gives the “whao” results that many pool maintenance professionals achieve.
  • An excellent filter aid.
  • Cuts down on backwash times!
  • For best results check: pH: 7-9, Alkalinity: 80 and up, Calcium hardness: 60 and up.
  • Fully compatible and safe to use with chlorine.
  • Acrylamide or Acrylic acid free, does not react with chlorine to from carcinogens.
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  • A broad spectrum summer algaecide and water treatment
  • Compatible with chloride and safe to swim in.
  • Stabilises pH and softens water.
  • Optimises  chlorine efficiency, saving on chlorine usage.
  • Kills algae spores as the drop into the water.
  • Provides long term protection against algae.
  • Provides the ultimate refreshing swimming experience.
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  • Removes fine particles and sludge from the sand filter, that normally stay behind during backwash.
  • Enhances filtration and increase the life duration of the sand.
  • Removes calcium buildup and prevents cementation of the filter sand.
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  • A quaternary ammonia based algaecide.
  • Highly effective in combating black algae.
  • Reacts synergistically with Hydro Clean, to kill all species of algae in South African swimming pools.
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  • A compound of chelating agents to bind with and remove metals and alkaline earth metal stains found in pools.
  • Removes black ring on mosaic.
  • Prevents calcium buildup in filter sand.
  • Safe to swim in and chlorine compatible
  • Prevents calcium buildup on salt chlorinators.
  • Has a very high rate of success on most stains.